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Children Paint Portraits

It is a pleasure to see enthusiastic children express their love for art. 6 year old Mia loves to paint for several hours, she has a desire and a gift for art. Mia painted a a self-portrait with her best friend.
Do you know if you child has an undiscovered gift for art? Register your child for our spring classes and discover the artist inside.

portraits by Mia

Teen Art Class in Edgewater NJ

We are glad to announce the opening of our Teen Art Class. Kids 11 and up are welcome to improve their drawing and painting skills in a fun and creative atmosphere. Olga demonstrates proper art techniques and teaches fundamentals of art making. She helps students prepare art portfolios for top high schools and colleges.

Self-portrait by my 10 year old student trying charcoal and pastels for the first time.
self-portrait by Camila

Adult Art Class – Albrecht Durer Drapery Study

Earlier I shared Arthur’s study of Albrecht Durer’s drawing. Here is a progression of his meticulous study. Not only did Arthur build volume and show great understanding of drawing drapery, he also used watercolor to add his own twist and a touch of subtle color to his artwork.
It is my pleasure and honor to teach Adult Art Class which meets every Saturday at 3pm. If you love to paint join this class.

Albrecht Durer drapery study