Olga Rogachevskaya's photo
Olga Rogachevskaya is an award-winning, galleried artist. Her passion is printmaking. Linocut is the perfect medium that allows Olga express her unique vision of the world.


Olga Rogachevskaya grew up in Kharkov, Ukraine. She moved to New York in 1998. Olga has been a professional artist for more then 12 years. She graduated from Kharkov Art Industrial Institute and Parsons School of Design. Olga is an award-winning artist. In 2011 Olga has been awarded with the Department of Cultural Affairs Grant from the Brooklyn Arts Council (BAC). BAC granted this award to produce a series of pastel portraits to exhibit in Brooklyn Public Libraries. In 2009 she received another grant to create "Subway Journey: a home away from home" block print series, which was exhibited at the

Brooklyn Central Library and ICO Gallery in New York. Olga's works have also been featured in newspapers and on television.

The choices Olga makes as an artist are at times logical and deliberate. Other times, they are purely emotional. She believes that the purpose of art is to share what we feel and how we see this world as individuals. Olga is always looking for new challenges and new ways to share her vision.